I’m Moving Home

We’re moving home this Friday!

I wish I could have this post as an inspirational one on being organised for a move, and lots of tips and tricks…. But instead this is just an informational post to let you know that:

  • We are moving this Friday!
  • I’m not sure what our immediate internet situation will be. I may not have “real” internet for a couple of weeks.
  • I hope to be back soon, and when I come back I have lots of ideas for new projects!!

So stay tuned!

June 2014 Round Up

June 2014 Create Mess

I think sometimes we need to take a step back in order to step forward.

June was really about taking a bit of a break. Life exploded for me at the start of the month. “Blarg” describes it perfectly.

  • Our kitty Batman got a UTI and caused a lot of stress and money!! He is basically back to “normal” now, but we have to prepare for a stressful move coming up where he is sure to relapse.
  • We have to move home. Our owners are selling, so we have to move out. We have been here for almost three years! It is actually the longest that we have stayed in one place in a long time. As if moving isn’t stressful enough, we had the added stress of actually finding a place that allows cats. Luckily we have found a place that has accepted our application. So we have a place!!! Yay! We will be moving house in 2 weeks. OMG, it looks like a bomb has hit our current place. Why clean if we just have to do it all again in two weeks? Right?
  • As you can imagine, this is an expensive time in our lives. Luckily, all my job hunting is starting to come to fruition. I have literally spent every second day of the past two weeks interviewing. I have received a casual job, which is not ideal but is better than nothing. I start next Tuesday, but I am still searching for something a bit more permanent.

Because of all this I feel like I have been absent from Create Mess and actually creating mess. I haven’t been as productive or as creative as I would have liked. But I do have reasons/excuses:

  • See above. Busy with cats/house hunting/interviewing
  • Started packing the house. A lot of my craft stuff is out of the way which does affect my crafting. It is also really messsy here, and as much as I love mess it has reached a bit of a tipping point


knitting create mess
knitting create mess

But I have been creative in other ways. I started knitting and crocheting – as a creative outlet, something nice to do during the cold nights, and as an effort to reduce my huge yarn stash for the move.

(I haven’t bought yarn for about 5 years. Most of my yarn is 7+ years old! I like not having a huge stash, so I really want to use it or lose it).

Nala really loved my creation. I’m on to a crochet blanket now.

I find also, that sometimes I just need to take a left turn. I haven’t hardly scrapbooked at all during June, but that’s OK. My mantra is to “create most days”, so instead of doing other things, I decided to do some knitting. It’s a break, but it’s an active break. I think it has been good for my mindset, while still allowing me to be creative.

July 2014 Goals

July… Oh July. July is going to be just as crazy. We’ll be moving home, I’ll be starting my new job… It feels like there is a lot of unknowns and lots of things are unsure.

So on one hand my goal for July is to just survive.

But I want to slowly get back down to business.

And I can’t wait til we are in our new place and I get to organise my new craft room!!

I have some great ideas for projects to make our new place our home.

So while things may be crazy in July, and I may not be able to be around as much as I want to, I am hoping to soon be back with some really exciting new projects and ideas

Wedding Wednesday: In This Moment

In the Moment by Carlie Hamilton of createmess.com

OK, so I created this on a Tuesday, and I am writing this post on a Tuesday… I’m almost a whole week late! But, better late than never…

This is my layout for last week’s Wedding Wednesday. It’s a challenge I’m doing each week with Angie Chiazzese (check out her channel too!) where we work on a layout for our wedding album, each week with a challenge or theme. This week (well, last weeks…) was to do Mixed Media with a stencil.

Here’s my process video:

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Our challenge this week was to use mixed media. I really wanted to use this cloud paper as the background, because I really felt like we were staring out at the sky in these photos. I thought the paper really captured that feeling.

I started the layout by using my modeling paste and a hexagon stencil to create some texture on my page. I left it to dry because I don’t have a heat gun (I’m sure my husband does, but I couldn’t find it the day I went looking, and I never think to ask when he’s around).

When it was dry, I knew I wanted to use my mist spray on the page because it had a nice shimmer. I started by using a paint brush to brush over the modeling paste, but I didn’t really like the look it was giving me. I wanted… more. So I switched to a bigger brush that would hold more water, put a whole heap of water at the top of my page, put some drops of the spray in the water, and let that drip down the page.

I loved the effect! It looked great!! Then, I added some spray splatters in the background – some of the Heidi Swapp spray, and some matt Studio Calico spray. It was so much fun, I just splattered everywhere, without thinking.

I got out my photos to start creating the layout. Suddenly, I was worried. I wasn’t liking it at all. In fact, I was a bit horrified. What had I done? I had destroyed this beautiful cloud paper. I couldn’t possibly put this mess in my precious wedding album. It was a mess. It wasn’t coming together at all.


I pressed on. I had planned on adding some pink paper to this layout, but with the background I decided I wanted to stick with just the green, so I went to my scrap paper and found some larger scraps that I could use for thin mats on my paper.

It was looking OK, but again I was stuck. I didn’t know what to do next. I pulled out some wood veneer and that came together fairly easily down the bottom of my layout. Then, I pulled out a whole heap of green embellishments, but I wasn’t really feeling it; in the end I only used a heart shaped paper clip.

It looked so plain and boring! It needed something more…. I didn’t really want to add a title, but I couldn’t come up with any ideas of what to add to the top of the horizontal image; there was a space and it definitely needed something there.

So I gave in, and added a title. I got the idea for the title from the writing on the wood veneer on the page; I thought the title suited the layout and the photos perfectly.

I tucked in some washi to fill in some white space and also to help add some dimension to the side of the photo on the left.

It all came together in the end. I added some sequins and suddenly all was well.

Infact, I’m in love with it! I love the shimmer in the background, and I love the subtle effect the washi has on it. I’m sure other people would have added more and made it even more awesome, but considering the funky mood I was in (and the state of my desk which wasn’t helping) I am super dooper happy with how this layout turned out!

Instagram with hashtag #createmess and I'll feature your messy desk in an upcoming blog post!
Instagram with hashtag #createmess and I’ll feature your messy desk in an upcoming blog post!

What do you think?

Let me know what you think in the comments below… And perhaps what you would have done to make this better! I would love to hear what you think, and how your process would have differed from mine.
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Ultimate Dream Wishlist

My Ultimate Dream Wishlist - CreateMess.com

I added a new page to my Life Planner today; My Ultimate Dream Wishlist. So far I’ve written the three things you can see in the photo above. It was just a list of me dreaming about what material things I wanted to purchase. I just wanted to list everything, a sort of dumping ground of my wildest purchase wants, the “if I had a million dollars I’d buy this.”

But some how I only made it to three things – I want some new shoes (and I want two, so that I can get a pink pair and a mint pair!), a scanner (I want something like this one), and a photo printer (because it would be more convenient for scrapbooking).

And then I wrote no more. It was just a fleeting thing, but I now have a whole page in my planner dedicated to dreaming. I was staring at it this afternoon thinking “Wow, that’s all I came up with? Surely there is more that you want. Whatever you want. Go wild! Write down all those crazy things, Carlie!!”


What came to me were a whole lot of non-material things. What I really want, my ultimate dream wishlist, are things that aren’t tangible, aren’t possessions.

I want to live a healthy life – yes, lose weight, but over all I want to eat healthy, move more and all the benefits from that.

I want to earn a full time living working for myself.

I want to create more – not just scrapbooking, but writing, painting and more.

When it comes down to it, these are the kinds of things I really want. This is my ultimate dream wishlist.

And you know what the magical/crazy thing is? I can achieve these, and I can start right now. If these are the most important things in my life, then why delay on living them?


I can make an effort to eat less each day. Sure, sometimes I may over eat but I’m not perfect and there are deeper issues as to why I over eat. But I can work on this daily and I know from previous experience that it gets easier with time.

I can make an effort each day to do something towards working for myself. I just recently released my first course Pages that Pop – the response has been amazing, and it has also been a learning eperience about how I can make not only Pages that Pop better, but what I do in the future with my business. The thing is, if I never released Pages that Pop, I wouldn’t have the experiences that I have had to grow and get better.


Here’s a side tangent, a learning experience – I posted about the presale for Pages that Pop, went to bed, couldn’t sleep, then about 1am in the morning I thought to myself “OMG did I use the right email address for paypal?” So I got up out of bed, and discovered it was worse… I had left the site in testing mode, so that no one could even register! It took 2 seconds to get it out of testing mode, but then I had to email all the people that had tried to purchase the course (luckily the system logged that!). So I could fix the problem, and over all I feel if that is the worst that happens then that’s fantastic.

I think people are afraid to start their dreams because they are worried about things not working out. Well, the first time you do something, almost always you don’t just start out doing it like someone who has been doing the same thing for years. You make mistakes. You might even fail. But if you do it again, learn from your mistakes, you will quickly get there. Maybe even get to a place that is better than you imagined you would get to. But first you have to start. So expect the mistakes, learn from them, and do it again.


And finally, that last thing, creating daily. I can do that. I have spent this year so far trying to create more, and spend my free time doing the things that I want to do and not just watching Game of Thrones. That is why I am doing monthly round-up posts here – to remind myself that while sometimes I feel like I don’t get much stuff done, I actually do.


So the main takeaway I think from starting my ultimate dream wishlist is…

  • 1. Non-material things are more important goals in my life than stuff; and
  • 2. I can start working on living my dream wishlist right now.
start NOW on living your dreams - createmess.com


What’s On Your Ultimate Dream Wishlist?

Let me know what is on your ultimate dream wishlist in the comments below! And let me know if you are working towards them. If not, why not?
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20 Scrapbook Bloggers You Need To Know

20 Scrapbook Bloggers You Need to Know - Createmess.com

I really wanted to create a list of some great scrapbookers out there who have an awesome blog that you have to read. These are people that I admire and think are doing some great things in the blogosphere, so I wanted to share them with you.

These are scrapbookers (who have awesome blogs) that I personally motivate and influence the work I do, as well as entertain and impart valuable information. These are the people that I learn from and who inspire me; and who I think are just plain great.

‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.’ – Jim Rohn

I hope by surrounding myself with these people I will become like them myself, and create an awesome blog for you!

So take some time out of your day to explore these people and make them a part of your life!

I have everyone listed in no order at all, and this isn’t an exhaustive list of all the great blogs out there. I did have to leave some of my favourites out, so I may end up doing another list like this!


20 Scrapbook Bloggers You Need To Know

Ann-Marie Espinoza


Anne-Marie is a freelance crafter, blogger, and stamp seller. She is recently married and a soon-to-be mother at the time of typing this, so a lot of her posts are around that kind of theme. Being in a similar space as that, I can relate, which is one reason I love her blog. But not the only reason.

Ann-Marie produces beautiful photos which I can easily say have been a big influence on the way I photograph things on my blog. (I am but a poor imitation – but learning and growing and hopefully with a bit of my own style thrown in). She also has great posts on blogging and business that I always wish were just that bit more meatier.

Ann-Marie Espinoza’s quality blog posts:


Magda Mizera


Magda, from Polland, is a photographer by trade, and you can tell from her blog just how tallented she is. Her pages have gorgeous photography. As a photographer she has a great grasp of design which also shines through her scrapbook pages. They have a lot of white space, and soft, muted colours. She has also started an online scrapbook magazine called “Chasing Dreams

Her blog is like a portfolio of her beautiful pages and photography. If she is your aesthetic, then of course her blog is a much-watch.

Magda Mizera’s Beautiful Blog Posts:


Maggie Holmes


You may know that name as a scrapbooking line by Crate Paper, but Maggie Holmes is a person, and she has a blog! And it is not just an inspiring blog, but also a helpful one!

A lot of Maggie’s posts are about what she is doing and what she is involved with – her classes, design team work she is a part of, her products – so if you aren’t already a fan of her stuff then I don’t advocate reading her blog as you will be frustrated. But, there is a lot of great things on her blog, such as free cut files, tutorials and diy projects!

Inspiring posts by Maggie Holmes:


Jina Jean


So, I admit I don’t know much about Jina, but she is on the Crate Paper design team which means that she has amazing layouts.

The thing I really like about her blog is she doesn’t just showcase her layouts, she will draw on a feature of them – point it out as a kind of tutorial. I feel like a lot of blogs are like “here’s my whole layout” and it is beautiful – but Jina helps break it down to this one element and it makes it feel like “I could do that”. Instead of focusing on the overwhelming overall, it breaks scrapbooking down to it’s elements so it makes it easier to digest. I love that.

Some awesome posts by Jina Jean:


Shimelle Laine


Um, do you not know about this girl? Shimelle is a great teacher, and has some of the best scrapbooking tutorials out there, so how could I not be influenced by her?

Her blog often features a fantastic array of fabulous scrapbookers – so if you are looking for more scrappers to follow then this is a great blog to check out. She is also currently on maternity leave with her first little one which explains all the guest posts. But this blog has a treasure trove of scrappy goodness, you just have to dig a little to find her articles. Once you dig deep into the archives you will find quite a few gems.

Read these great posts by Shimelle Laine:


Kayla Renee


A fellow Aussie who has a great youtube channel.

She has only just had a baby, so she is a little bit busy, but still has time to share her wonderful layouts. I really love her pregnancy album (linked below), I think it is beautiful. She has also just moved her blog to it’s new URL, so I am thinking there will be many more awesome to come :)

(But while the baby is sleeping…)

Some awesome posts by Kayla Renee:


Kristin Tweedale


Kristin describes herself as a feminist scrapbooker, which is freaking awesome.

Creator of the Awesome Ladies Project, and Freckled Fawn design team member, this lady also is a dedicated blogger, which I love. I don’t know Kristin at all, but I feel like she is a deeply reflective person.

She is also a selfie advocate, which is something I can get behind!

Some great stuff by Kristin Tweedale:


Manda Moore

photo (1)

The genius behind Life.Paper.Scrapbook, a graphic designer, and an awesome scrapbooker! She has a really awesome style to her pages. She also creates awesome process videos. And she seems to be a part of everything.

She’s excellent at interpreting sketches, and somehow seems to incorporate mixed media in such a “neat and tidy” way. Check out her prolific work on her blog.

Check out these by Manda Moore:


Ellen H


Ellen H is the sweetest person in the universe so I had to include her in this list. Her personality transfers to her work, as she makes the most darling projects ever.

Ellen also has a great youtube channel, and always seems to be participate in everything she can, even if she is busy with school work. She is such a “go getter” that I really admire. That is why she was my first interviewee for my Stuff Youtubers Say series.

Have a look at Ellen’s Blog:


Aimee Collette


Aimee is another fellow Aussie. She is a designer by trade, so her blog features great design, and beautiful photography.

Her scrapbooking pages have a great use of white space and she has great ideas on getting creative with photography on your scrapbook pages.

Aimee certainly is an inspiration and if you aren’t already you will soon be seeing her everywhere.

Here’s some highlights of Aimee Collette’s blog:


Elise Blaha Cripe


Not just scrapbooking, there is a lot of crafting and business and life in this blog.

Elise does project life scrapbooking, but she has a very definite style. She uses a lot of photos that join together to make a larger photo, something that you will see from me in the future. So she has definitely influenced my style.

She also does a lot of posts or organising and having a crafty business, which I enjoy immensely.

Check out the best of Elise Blaha Cripe on her blog:


Jennifer Wilson


Jennifer’s goal is to get you scrapping, and to get you scrapping with less – stuff, worries, time etc. She wants you to take what you have, don’t worry about what you don’t, and focus on what is important.

I find her blog is excellent – this is less of a portfolio blog and more of an information blog on scrapbooking. It is refreshing and, well, simple :)

Have a look at these posts by Jennifer Wilson:


Ashley Calder


Ashley has a lovely blog that is filled with a lot of beautiful photos and mesmerising projects.

I particularly love when she reviews new products because she gives you a really good view of things – great if you are an online shopper and want to get a good look at a product.

Check out these posts by Ashley Calder:


Elizabeth Kartchner


You may know her as “Dear Lizzy”. I love all her products, so of course I had to watch her in the blogosphere as well.

Her blog is, just like her lines, cute and sweet and girly. She has a lot of photos of her family and her projects, as well as super cute DIY projects.

It’s all a bit of fun, really.

See some of Elizabeth Kartchner’s blog posts:


Irit Landgraf


Irit’s blog is one of those much-follow blogs, because she produces such beautiful and dreamy work.

This blog is of the portfolio variety, but what a portfolio! Irit has this way of making all her layouts different, yet she has a very distinct style to her work. She has a natural talent, I think, of doing more with her layouts but they still look simple, uncluttered and beautiful.

Besides showing off her beautiful work, she does incorporate some great wisdom on her blog, making it a must-read.

Get inspired by Irit Landgraf:


Amanda O’Banion


Amanda has a great mix of life and craft. I can’t remember how I found her originally but I do know that I love her youtube channel. I really feel like Amanda is “approachable” – like she is down to earth, and someone I would get on well with in “real” life.

She is also part of a new idea called “Two Girls and a Kit” – I’ve linked to that below.

Some great posts by Amanda O’Banion:


Tracie Claiborne


So Tracie is a super sweet lady who is half of the scrap gals podcast (you may have heard of it). I actually helped her set up her website so she then featured me as thanks on her podcast (!).

Listening to the scrap gals, I can tell that Tracie is the complete opposite of me. I think she is the kind of person who likes rulers, and being flat, and clean. I, on the other hand, whether I want to or not, make a mess.

Tracie’s blog has some great photos of her projects, and some interesting projects as well!

Have a look at these posts by Tracie Claiborne:


Bernii Miller


OK, so Bernii is just amazing. She seems to be on every single design team in the world – and rightly so because she just creates some amazing work.

Her blog is an amazing resume of her work. She not only has these amazing scrapbook pages, but also has some other fun craft projects with step-by-step instructions. For some inspiration from a fellow Aussie, you really must check out Bernii.

Be inspired by Bernii Miller:




Lisa of Blackbird Darlin’ is super sweet and often takes the time to leave a comment on my blog. Her own blog is a portfolio of her work which is super sweet. I guess I feel like her work is “sweet” because it always seems to be of a miniature size lately – think 8×8 and 6×8 pages.

There are also some posts that are about what is happening in her life, which is great way to get a glimpse of the lady behind the blog.

She occasionally posts some other craft projects, and also always posts her picks which are always awesome and make me want to go shopping. Damn her!!

Be inspired by Lisa:




Tracy has called her blog the “Single Girl’s Scrapbook.” I guess, being a scrapbooker for many years myself, only recently married, and still no children, scrapbooking for me has never been this thing about “children”. And, having friends that also scrapbook and also being at a similar life stage to me, all the more reinforced to me that scrapbooking wasn’t really the domain of “mothers” and “grandmothers”.

But, I guess it is a “thing”. And Tracy has turned that “thing” on it’s head and created the single girl’s scrapbook. But what appeals to me isn’t that she is “different” but rather that she is excellent at capturing her life and putting it into a scrapbook album. Her pages are always full of photos and well designed. I really love her style. Her blog is purely a show case of her project life album, but that means indirectly we also get to see and read about her life.

Check out Tracy:


Who Is Your Favourite Scrapbook Blogger?

That is my list of the 20 scrapbook bloggers that I feel you should all check out and love! But, I am always looking for new people to follow! Let me know in the comments below who your favourite scrapbook bloggers are! I would love to check them out.

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