Month of Me 2015 – Week 1 Prompts


The Month of Me is here! I don’t know how April came up so quickly. What is this? The Month of Me is a month-long mini album project that celebrates ME!

This is the second time I’m doing the Month of Me, you can see my completed book from last year here.

This post has week one prompts for those who would like to follow along. Use these prompts for your own Month of Me projects!

Month of Me Week 1 Prompts

The prompts are slightly different from last year. Some things have changed, some have stayed the same. But, I like to start off with a selfie, or a more classy “Self Portrait” :) Because I’m pregnant I have decided to do a pregnant selfie – 26 weeks! Scary! But this Month of Me will be a bit about my pregnancy journey.

Month of Me prompt one – self portrait. I'm 26 weeks pregnant – crazy!! #monthofe #pregnant #26weeks #pregnantselfie

A photo posted by Carlie Hamilton (@carliemhamilton) on

A bit of a cheesy smile there, Carlie.

Anyway, stay tuned for more Month of Me posts, I can’t wait to get it all going!!


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Completed Month of Me 2014

Month of Me 2014

I don’t know where the time has gone, but it is almost April again, which is when I do my crafty project – the Month of Me!

The Month of Me is a month-long mini album project that celebrates ME!

I find that scrapbookers often fall into two categories – ones that focus on events (that vacation or birthday party), or ones that focus on their families. I think rarely do we focus on ourselves.

Month of Me page 2014

And to be honest, I don’t really want to commit to a year-long project about myself. I honestly don’t find myself that exciting!! No, it’s more than that – I don’t think that I could stick with it for such a long period of time. I want to celebrate me, but I also want the project to be do-able and something that I have half a chance of actually completing. Which is why I started last year the Month of Me. I can do a month.

Last year was the first time I did this project, and I feel like it was a complete success – I got it done.

But it is more than that. Now that I have completed it, and it is now a year later, it is so interesting and exciting to me to see how much I have changed in a year, how a lot of the things around of me have changed, and how things have stayed the same. It makes me realise how worthwhile this project really is to me. So while right now feels like such a daunting and huge commitment for me to do another Month of Me, I want to do it because I think the result will be worth it for me.

Here is a video of my completed 2014 Month of Me album flip through:

Upcoming, I want to talk about what I would like to do differently this year (2015), what worked and what didn’t work last year, and the materials that I am planning to use this year. Stay tuned for those articles coming soon!

Last year I had weekly prompts that you could follow along with, I plan on doing the same again this year as well, so you too can create your own Month of Me album. Let me know if you are going to do this project, or if you have created a similar project, it the comments below!!



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I’m Moving Home

We’re moving home this Friday!

I wish I could have this post as an inspirational one on being organised for a move, and lots of tips and tricks…. But instead this is just an informational post to let you know that:

  • We are moving this Friday!
  • I’m not sure what our immediate internet situation will be. I may not have “real” internet for a couple of weeks.
  • I hope to be back soon, and when I come back I have lots of ideas for new projects!!

So stay tuned!