Week 4 Prompts – Month of Me 2015


Here is the Week 4 Prompts for the Month of Me.

The Month of Me is a scrapbooking project to create a mini album that captures my life right now. It is a quick snapshot of what is happening and who I am right now. I have daily prompts to keep me from feeling overwhelmed and make the project easy to keep on top of.

This is the last set of prompts for the Month of Me 2015!

Confession – I am so behind!! I have ended up working at the day job much more than what I intended. That, plus being pregnant, has left me very tired, so I haven’t done as much as I would have liked. I’ve made a conscious decision to slow down at work from now on, so I am hoping to catch up and start actually creating! So stay tuned to see some actual finished pages for the Month of Me, 2015.


What’s Happening in April


Reading: 7,349 pages so far this year! As of right now I am one book away from reading the same amount of books I read for the whole of last year. I guess I wasn’t in a real reading mood last year. One of my goals is to read 30 books this year, I am already over half way :)

Drinking: Lots of Chocolate Milk. I think Easter got me on a chocolate fix. It’s for the calcium, honestly.

Planning: I am really wanting to do some art journaling, so I’ve been prepping an old book to use as my art journal. I’m also planning to do a whole heap of art journal videos. I’m excited to be doing some creative art :)

Watching: Vanilla Mom’s day in the life video on youtube. Looking forward to being a mummy myself.

Feeling: A bit tired. I haven’t been sleeping the best; mainly due to my early morning pee. I wake up needing to pee, then always hope that I can just fall back to sleep. Then, reluctantly, I get up to pee, and by the time I get back to bed my brain has switched on and I have trouble getting back to sleep. If sleep does come it isn’t long till it’s time to get up and start the day. It does suck because on my days off when I want to get things done I just feel like going to sleep!

Yes, yes, I know that this is nothing compared to what it’s like when you have kids. I’ve had it all before. But I’m allowed to talk about how I’m feeling right now!

Looking Forward To: Quitting the day job! I’m over it :) It’s not because there is anything wrong with it, but more because I’m really feeling like nesting and preparing for baby!

Organising Products and Supplies for a Scrapbook Project – Week 3 Prompts – Month of Me 2015

Here is the Week 3 Prompts for the Month of Me.

The Month of Me is a scrapbooking project to create a mini album that captures my life right now. It is a quick snapshot of what is happening and who I am right now. I have daily prompts to keep me from feeling overwhelmed and make the project easy to keep on top of.

Last week I talked about how I stay organised in a project so that I actually finish said project. This week I’m going to talk specifically about how I choose and organise the products that I am going to use for my projects. Read more and see my awesome video below :)

Month-of-Me-Prompt-Week-3 Organising Products

How Do You Scrap Quickly Without Getting Overwhelmed?

I know that I can be a quick scrapbooker, so I have been asked before how I manage to scrap quickly. I also see many posts on forums about people talking about how overwhelmed they can get with all the product they have.

Yeah, it is so easy to have so much product when it comes to scrapbooking. Collecting is part of the hobby, nothing wrong with that!!

But how do you stop from getting overwhelmed by all your product and just get the project done?

Keep It Narrow, Keep It Accessible

My approach is to have a limited amount of products out and have them easily on hand. Let me break it down a bit more.

Choose Selected Products to Use

You need a small tub that can fit on your desk, and perhaps some dividers within it to organise your product.

I find having a small amount of product out specifically for my project makes decision making so much easier and quicker. I don’t have to dig through as much product which means that I am spending more time scrapping and less time trying to find that perfect product.

What I do is take my tub to my stash and spend some time pulling out product and putting it into my tub. Some things I do:

  • I place similar products into little dividers within my tub. Usually I have a diecuts section and a section with more dimensional stuff. This makes it easier for me when I’m actually scrapping to find a product type that I’m after.
  • Don’t choose too much product! Easier said than done, and I usually end up with more than what I need. You want enough to give you enough variety so you don’t feel like you don’t have enough for a page, but at the same time the reason for this is to not feel too overwhelmed with choice
  • Try and choose a mixture of new and old. It feels great to both finish packets and to get to play with some of your new toys!
  • I always try and choose a product that I have that I don’t use often. Whether it is a stamp, or maybe a glimmer mist or other such product, I try and choose one type of product that I don’t use often so that I do get some use out of it in this project.
  • I don’t think too hard or plan ahead with what products I’m going to include. For me this would be too much hassle and also limits my on-the-day creativity. What I do is I go through my products and pull out things that I think I may use, could use, or want to use. If my project has a theme or a colour scheme I’m planning, I’ll stick mainly to those products. But I don’t have plans for products to go on specific pages, although I may think at the time “this would work great with this”. I find a lot of my creativity and fun with scrapbooking projects comes with the spontaneity of the day when I’m actually scrapbooking.

Keep It Within Reach

The other point I want to make is to keep this tub easily accessible to where you scrap.

I find that when things are out of sight they are out of mind. If I have my scrapbooking stuff in a cupboard (which I do have to now for space reasons) then I am less likely to start scrapbooking because of the perceived hassle of having to get it out in order to scrap. It is an obstacle in my way to starting my project.

But, if I have this tub on my desk, then I am ready to go with my project. I just have to start.

Having the tub on my desk also makes it so easy to do my scrapping. Everything is within reach to just go. No excuses.

You can see step-by-step how I put this tub together in the video above. I call it my “Embellishment Centre


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How Do You Organise Products and Supplies for your Crafty Projects?

Please share in the comments below what you do to organise your products for your projects? What works for you and what doesn’t work? I would love to know!


Week 26 Pregnancy Update – Mashed Potato and Glucose Tolerance Test

Week 26 Baby Bump

Here is my week 26 pregnancy update :)

Week 26! I feel like I am so close now to being in the third trimester! I have to say that the first 12 weeks were so damn slow, but since the new year the time has just flown by. This is mostly a good thing in my mind :)

Below is my video for Week 26. In this video I talk about:

Baby Size: Zucchini
Symptoms: Reflux
Cravings: Mashed Potato

I talk a bit about my attempt to do the Glucose Tolerance Test. Basically I was planning on doing this test this week, however the weather was so poor that I decided not to go. I would have to walk there and I really wasn’t in the mood to get soaking wet, then sit there for two and a half hours wet. The bad news is that I still have to do the test; I would rather get it over and done with!

Did you have to do the GTT with your pregnancy? Let me know in the comments below.

Staying Organised and Finishing Crafty Projects – Week 2 Prompts – Month of Me 2015

Here are the Week 2 Posts for the Month of Me!

The Month of Me is a scrapbooking project that captures a month in my life. It is quick and easy and ends up being an awesome keepsake to look back on. I designed it to be as painless as it can be, by providing prompts (so I have some kind of theme to work on each day, even if I feel like nothing exciting happened that day) and I personally use a smaller format scrapbooking album so that it comes together quickly.

That being said, even small, relatively painless projects can stall and end up in limbo. In this post I’m also going to talk about how I managed to stay organised and motivated last year so that the project gets done.


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