Am I Participating in One Book July?


One Book July is a concept where instead of having multiple planners and an overcomplicated planner system, you cut it down to one book and one pen. You can see more about it in this RhomanysRealm video.

It is an fun sounding challenge! I have been watching a lot of planning videos and really getting excited about planning. It is so easy to get over excited and purchase all the planners. I too have a perhaps “complex” planner system, which I have outlined in the video I’ve made. In this video I talk about my current planner system – how I use multiple books to achieve my planning needs.

Let me know in the comments below if you see an obvious way I can simplify my planning process, and let me know if you are going to take part in One Book July as well!

Online Grocery Shopping and Maintaining a Vlog | Day in the Life 37 Weeks Pregnant

I start off this week’s DITL video with a croaky voice and unbrushed bed hair as I am waiting for our groceries to arrive (I did an online grocery shop). Mainly because I wanted milk for breakfast!

I focus a bit on food in this video as I am trying to get prepared for when baby is here by cooking up some freezer meals.


I like doing these day in the life videos as it helps keep me accountable and productive. I’m not sure how regularly I can do these videos in the future but I think I would like to do at least one a month to keep you all updated and as a way to record what I do in a typical day and to see how that changes. I am on a quest to live a creative life, so I want to make sure I am creative. I really want to inspire others to live creatively everyday.


I am also really excited with what I have planned on my blog and my youtube channel. I just hope that I can maintain it after my baby arrives (any day now!). I hope you are excited too 🙂

Week 37 Pregnancy Update | Cloth Diaper Update and Family Plans with Birth

This is just a quick(ish) video with my week 37 pregnancy update. It hasn’t been an eventful week, I have spent a lot of it tired or sleeping. Where is my pregnancy glow, dammit?!

But I do talk about the new cloth nappies that I have received this week – Bubblebubs Candies. These ones look awesome and I can’t wait to try them out.

Also, I talk about my due date and when I predict that baby will arrive. I was actually talking about this with Mr Darcy after I recorded this video. I think that he is going to be a week and a half late. He is thinking a week and a half early – which is actually the Wednesday before this post is to be published! To see if he was right, check out my instagram account – that is where I’ll be making an announcement.

I am scheduling things on this blog a head of time so that when baby comes I still have a stream of content coming out. That is why his prediction may or may have already come to pass!

My mum is also coming to visit from America in anticipation for the new baby, so I know I am going to be fairly busy with family soon, whether baby is here or not, so it’s good to be prepared 🙂

Ideally I’d like baby to come as close to my due date as possible. But I know children never listen to their parents so I’m not expecting him to do what he has been told in this case! 🙂


What I’m Doing to Prepare my Blog for my Baby


I have HUGE plans for Plans that I am currently setting up in preparation for the rest of the year. Things would be moving much quicker if I wasn’t pregnant and expecting a baby any day now.

But because I am having a baby, instead of focusing on other things (for example, I haven’t been focused so much on marketing and getting my message out there) but rather have been focusing on setting things up so that both my blog and my youtube channel both

a) keeps on going without me there; and
b) goes as smoothly as possible for my viewers.

My main focus at the moment is scheduling both blog posts and videos so that I don’t have to worry about my blog just sitting there, and focus on my baby for the first month or more after his birth.


How To Prepare your Blog for a New Baby

The thing with babies are they don’t show up when you expect it (well, except in cases of induction or planned c-section, but even then you don’t know – they could come before!). So this little guy could come at any time – it is hard to be prepared for something when you don’t know when. How much am I supposed to prepare? Have I prepared enough?

Basically I’m trying not to stress about it. I’ll do what I can do, and it may not be “enough”, it may be too much. Who cares? I am sure I’ll be more concerned with my new baby!

Here are some of the things I’m doing (or not doing!) in order to make sure that things go smoothly on my blog when I have a baby.

  • Scheduling posts & videos ahead of time so that some content will still be released without me having to do anything
  • Not making any new commitments or setting time frames for projects – just taking it as it comes
  • At the same time, planning what is going to happen after my maternity leave so I can be focused when I come back
  • Have minimal maintenance while baby is here incase it is hard to find time.

Let me expand a bit on each point!


Schedule Things

This is the main activity that I am doing. I’m trying to create extra content ahead of time and schedule it to come out. So I have a smattering of posts and videos on my youtube channel all ready scheduled to automatically be released. That way, when baby is born, I will still have content being released without me having to do anything. What ever happens with baby, there will still be new things coming out for Create Mess!


Don’t Set Firm Time Frames

I’m giving myself permission to take my time to come back. Even if I run out of scheduled posts, there isn’t a date that I have to be back to regular posting by. Same with projects, I don’t have any firm dates of when I want things done by. This way, if things are harder than I thought they would be, I don’t also have the added pressure of “I should be doing things for create mess”.

This also (sadly) applies to other things that are happening outside of Create Mess. There are some cool projects happening out there at the moment, but I haven’t put my hand up for anything at the moment because I’m not sure how much I can actually commit to things.

Such is life! I may miss out on some great opportunities, but now isn’t the time. And that’s OK.


Plan What’s Next

At the same time, I am planning for the future. I may not be setting firm dates for things at the moment, but I am still planning for the future. I have heaps of cool projects and plans for the rest of the year. I am not sure how much time I can commit to them, but I am determined to do them! (I will be sharing more about these ideas soon!)

I think it would be really easy to just not plan anything, but then feel a bit directionless when I come back. A bit of “what now?”. I’m sure that it would be easy to feel lost or uninspired, or just plain hard to get back into the groove. By having a plan, I am hoping it will be easier to pick things up where I left off.


Minimal Maintenance

This is just doing things now so that I don’t have to do things while the baby is here. I may or may not be around much. Things are going to be on autopilot for a little while. When things get crazy with having a new born, I can just worry about that and I don’t have to worry about this place.



I am currently getting into a really good rhythm with my blogging and video making (and being creative!), so I hope I can get back into it easily once baby is here. I have so many exciting plans for the future.

Let me know in the comments below what you have done or are doing to prepare your blog for a baby, or a holiday, or any other life event where you know your blogging will be disrupted!

Preparing Cloth Diapers for a Newborn | Modern Cloth Nappies

I recently shared my cloth diaper stash that I have purchased for my first baby who is due early July.

I wanted to share now how I prepare these nappies for my baby – how I washed them, how to stuff or put in the inserts, and then how to adjust the snaps so that they are the right size for the baby.


I know that these cloth nappies can seem overwhelming to those who are new to them, but they are actually quite simple once you know how. They don’t have to be any more difficult than disposable nappies. I hope the above video helps those who are considering using modern cloth nappies/diapers to have a better understanding on how to prepare their nappies for their new babies.